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Fun fact about Davide

"Jennifer, affectionately known as the Queen of Podcasts, leaves WhatsApp voice notes exceeding 15 minutes. Her direct approach and honest nature boost motivation levels for others. Losing herself in dance classes, she forges friendships with her teachers; dance is her passion and therapy. As a mother, she's hailed as the best, with her 5-year-old proclaiming, "Mum knows everything." Jennifer's planning and organizing skills shine as a Luxury Wedding and Event planner. The school run holds a special place, a short time for bonding and setting the day's positive tone through singing and affirmations." 

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My Story

Meet Jennifer, a French native born and raised in Paris. Fluent in French, she started working in her family's restaurants at the young age of 14, gaining invaluable experience in the hospitality industry. After earning her degree in international business, Jennifer moved to Manchester for an internship and ended up falling in love with the UK. Her determination and commitment led her to a successful career in hospitality and event management, working her way up from bartending to reception management at renowned establishments such as Corbin & King, the Wolseley Restaurant, Colbert, and the Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair.

Jennifer's entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-own a French restaurant, “La Ratatouille,” in Marylebone and eventually start her own business, Etincelle Bespoke Events and Managing AMS Group One. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jennifer now wants to share her knowledge and expertise through training and coaching the future talents of hospitality. She has a passion for training, having previously led training sessions, onboarded staff members, and created successful workshops while working at Corbin & King and La Ratatouille.

Jennifer believes in creating an environment where talent can thrive, leading to greater fulfilment and happiness. With her bubbly personality and contagious energy, Jennifer is the perfect mentor for anyone looking to succeed in the world of hospitality.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


+447491 384 071

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